amd64/87258: Error Boot

Scott Long scottl at
Tue Oct 11 10:32:05 PDT 2005

Hroi Sigurdsson wrote:

> Joerg Cimen wrote:
>> with the installation of FreeBSD 6.0 RC1 a problem arises with the 
>> RAID-Controller.  We use a Areca ARC-1160 as RAID CONTROLLER. The 
>> booting from 6.0-RC1-Install-CD stops and freeze at:
>> "Waiting 5 seconds for SCSI DEVICE to settle."
>> In the version 5.4 there not no Problem at this Point. After removing 
>> the RAID- Controller OR one of two CPU's every thing works fine. We 
>> have tested this problem on five other servers with the same 
>> configuration. Every Time the same Problem occours.
> Does setting either hint.acpi.0.disabled or hint.apic.0.disabled to "1" 
> in the boot loader help? I've seen similar behaviour on an IBM platform 
> with 6.0.

ACPI is a required part of the amd64 platform.  Turning it off usually
isn't a good idea.


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