termlog not working on FreeBSD-amd64

Eirik Øverby ltning at anduin.net
Mon Oct 10 09:55:37 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I have recently began moving some of our database servers to FreeBSD- 
amd64, and in the process I have realized that the 'termlog' port, on  
which we rely quite heavily, no longer works. I have to the best of  
my abilities tested it on various installations, and my conclusion  
must be that this is a 64-bit issue.

I'm guessing the snp devices act differently on the 64-bit variants  
of FreeBSD, making termlog go bananas.

If anyone has seen this problem, or wishes to investigate, I would be  
very grateful. We need this to work in order to fulfill various  
security requirements from our customers. If this cannot be fixed  
relatively soon, I'll have to abandon the move to -amd64.


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