CODA6 on amd64 - how can I help?

Piotr Rybicki meritus at
Mon Oct 10 05:14:47 PDT 2005

Hi all.

I've send update patches for net/coda6_client(server) port

This update unbreaks amd64 build of devel/lwp required by coda6.

Although current and nev version works fine on i386, amd64 arch actually 
doesn't work.
Build and installation of coda6_client port (and dependencies) on amd64 
is successful.

command: 'venus-setup 20000' seems to work fine
command " venus' comes with errors:

# venus

Date: Mon 10/10/2005

13:59:38 Coda Venus, version 6.0.12
13:59:38 /usr/coda/LOG size is 635392 bytes
13:59:38 /usr/coda/DATA size is 2532472 bytes
13:59:38 Loading RVM data
13:59:38 Last init was Mon Oct 10 13:58:32 2005
13:59:38 Last shutdown was clean
13:59:38 Starting RealmDB scan
13:59:38        Found 1 realms
13:59:38 starting VDB scan
13:59:38        2 volume replicas
13:59:38        0 replicated volumes
13:59:38        0 CML entries allocated
13:59:38        0 CML entries on free-list
13:59:38 starting FSDB scan (833, 20000) (25, 75, 4)
13:59:38        0 cache files in table (0 blocks)
13:59:38        833 cache files on free-list
13:59:38 starting HDB scan
13:59:38        0 hdb entries in table
13:59:38        0 hdb entries on free-list
13:59:38 Kernel version ioctl failed.
13:59:38 Mounting root volume...
13:59:38 Venus starting...
13:59:38 /coda now mounted.

When trying to list /coda:
# ls /coda
ls: /coda: Unknown error: 158

Some addidional info:
- System : FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p7 (amd64) GENERIC
- The same result having CODA as module and compiled-in.
- current and new version of coda6 port works fine on i386
- There is /dev/cfs0 device

Problem seems to be at:
Just like venus was unable to get version of CODA module.

How can I help?

P.S. Does anyone have positive/negative experiences when running coda in 

Best regards
Piotr Rybicki

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