Wine on AMD64 - Any status or success stories?

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On Thursday 29 September 2005 07:16 pm, K Anderson wrote:
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> Subject: Wine on AMD64 - Any status or success stories?
> >I know this pops up a lot, but is anyone actively trying to fix Wine
> > under AMD64? I've googled through the list archives quickly and
> > haven't seen much
> > change in in over a year...
> >
> > Any progress? Any pointers on where to start or on what has to be
> > done to get
> > it working? What can be done to help?
> I'm not sure if it is the 64 bit version of Wine (WINE, or wine) but
> on my SuSe 9.2 system it works. I have only putzed around with it.
> The only application I am using it for at the moment is winamp.
> I really didn't have to config anything I think it did it for me, I
> may have had to tweak a few config files but that's about it.
> So that's my sucess.

We don't have the required kernel infrastructure to make this work.

There are two problems.  1) Getting the application to execute code in 
32 bit mode.  2) managing the 16/32 bit windows segments.

#2 is the big problem.  We don't have the i386_set_ldt() infrastructure.  
We might be able to get #1 working by having the process do a far jump 
to the 32 bit code user segment selector in the GDT, but I haven't 
messed with this yet.  There are so many problems to deal with it isn't 
funny, eg: delivering signals in 64 bit sigframe format on a stack of a 
process that is currently executing in a 32 bit %cs segment.

The problem set could probably be reduced by running 32 bit binaries, 
but again, we can't do without the i386_set_ldt() infrastructure.  I 
was reminded about this again today while checking out a different 
problem...  I think its time to do something about this missing 

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