linux32 compat core dumps wrong?

Sean McNeil sean at
Sat Oct 1 12:41:10 PDT 2005

I'm getting a core dump and I'm pretty sure it is from a linux32 run
program.  Yet the file seems wrong:

file java.core
java.core: ELF 32-bit LSB core file Intel 80386, version 1 (FreeBSD),
FreeBSD-style, from 'java'

/compat/linux/usr/bin/gdb ./jre/1.4.2/x86-linux2/bin/java java.core
GNU gdb Red Hat Linux (5.2.1-4)
Copyright 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
GDB is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you
welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain
Type "show copying" to see the conditions.
There is absolutely no warranty for GDB.  Type "show warranty" for
This GDB was configured as "i386-redhat-linux"...
(no debugging symbols found)...

warning: Couldn't find general-purpose registers in core file.

warning: Wrong size fpregset in core file.

I get this output when it crashes:

An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xFFFFEFD4

NOTE: We are unable to locate the function name symbol for the error
      just occurred. Please refer to release documentation for possible
      reason and solutions.

This program works just fine on Linux.


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