More about the 9500S-4 issues with the MoBo and FreeBSD...

Ken Gunderson kgunders at
Tue Nov 29 14:16:31 GMT 2005

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005 14:47:47 +0100
Olaf Greve <o.greve at> wrote:

> Hi,
> >  Did you remove all the cards and clear the CMOS on the motherboard yet?  
> The former: yes, the latter: no.
> > There should be a jumper you short.
> Hehehe, "shorting the MoBo", eh? ;)
> No problem... However I didn't have the documentation yesterday, so I 
> have just requested it. If all goes well, I should have it tonight, and 
> then I can check to see if there are CMOS reset jumpers. If supported, 
> that should be a dooze. I hope it'll do any magic then.

To clear the CMOS-- mainboards typically follow the convention of
locating a 3 pin jumper near the battery. There should be a jumper on 2
of the pins, e.g. 1 & 2.  Moving it to 2 & 3 will clear the CMOS memory.

You should also be able to find details at Asus's website.  They're
pretty good about having docs available online.

> >   I know you aren't going to like to hear this, but perhaps a motherboard brand
> > chance is in order?  In the long run, it may save time/money. 
> I hear you, and what's more, I hear you really well. If I cannot get 
> this combination to run VERY soon, I'll recommend them to do so, as a 
> different MoBo should be a lot cheaper (and a better solution in the 
> end) than me having to spend a lot of hours on it. ;)
> Yet, personal pride and perseverance prevents me from throwing the towel 
> into the ring all too easily; I just can't stand it when I can't get 
> anything to work. But then, that might just be a personality issue. :D

IMHO a good servef mobo is only going to be cheaper in the long run
when you factor in the time you're spending screwing around w/
incompatibilities.  It's probably going to cost you more cash up front.

Best regards,

Ken Gunderson

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