My make buildworld FreeBSD 6.0R amd64 test

Martin Nilsson martin at
Mon Nov 28 12:18:55 GMT 2005

Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
> For the starters, you're compiling two different sets of files,
> one for i386 and another for amd64.  You'd better compare the
> same set.

I'm compiling the same thing, a full buildworld of FreeBSD 6.0/amd64. 
I'm even using the same disk/installation for all tests. (except the 
opteron). There is no i386 code here execpt the compatibility libraries.

 > This can be done (approximately) by doing a cross-build
 > for say i386: "make -jN buildworld TARGET_ARCH=i386".

The we're using a 32-bit compiler in some tests and a 64-bit one in 
other tests what will that show?

 > Also, given the amount of memory that you have in these machines,
 > it shouldn't be a problem to put /usr/src and /usr/obj onto a
 > memory disk.

I'll make a run with a mfs so I can see how much that will improve things.

Please take another look at the page.


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