Sun x2100 Server Compatability

Vivek Khera vivek at
Wed Nov 23 10:01:29 PST 2005

On Nov 17, 2005, at 6:19 PM, Daniel Rock wrote:

> Nathan Vidican schrieb:
>> Any known issues running FreeBSD/amd64 on a Sun x2100 server?  
>> Single opteron box, dual GigE, 80GB S-ATA, 1GB Ram, specs as below:
> The X2100 is based on a Tyan Tomcat K8E (S2865) mainboard without  
> PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports. So you should look at success  
> reports for this board.

Any more info you found out about this?  I'm about to order one of  
these to test unless I find out otherwise it doesn't work.

My only concern is that one of the ethernets is bge and the other is  
nve which is not known to be that stable, and I need both ports...  I  
suspect it will be ok, though.  If push comes to shove I guess  
installing an intel NIC card would not be out of the question.

The rest of the hardware seems to be supported based on chipsets I  
looked up from kernel boot messages from linux, openbsd, and netbsd  
posted on the web.  curiously i never found a boot message from  
anyone running freebsd...

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