Hardware RAID support? Which controller best to use?

rondzierwa at comcast.net rondzierwa at comcast.net
Mon Nov 21 16:10:57 GMT 2005

I have an adaptec 2400S raid controller.  I use it with 4 200 gig wd drives.  It 
works fine as far as software support goes because to the software it looks 
like their scsi raid. 

The problem is that it is DREADFULLY slow.  Each of the disks run between 
35 and 45 MB/sec on the motherboard's ide controller.  when i put them on 
the 2400 it won't go above 15 in any raid cofiguration.  I would have expected 
some real performance, especially with four of these drives in a raid 0 config, 
but that was not the case.  

I still am using the setup, but for a less demanding application.  The 2400S
is very stable and dependable.  It has been in service for over 2 years, and
i haven't had any problems with it.  I just don't expect much performance
from it!

Have you looked at he 9550's yet?  They look like a significant performance
increase over the already fast 9500.  


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