7-CURRENT-SNAP009-i386-bootonly.iso on Shuttle XPC w/ AMD X2 (was Re: Side note on Shuttle XPC)

John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Sat Nov 19 03:07:09 GMT 2005

On Friday 18 November 2005 07:18 pm, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :So the amd64 snapshot didn't boot but the i386 one did?  Interesting.
> :Thanks a lot for investigating this.
> :
> :Scott
>     Yup.  My guess is that the 64-bit boot issue that early in the boot
>     sequence is something stupid simple.  It looks it from the consistency
>     of the crash.

Actually, your comments about the stray ICU interrupts led me to it on the way 
home tonight.  Peter has a hack in amd64 that if you don't include 'device 
atpic' in your kernel config (not in GENERIC amd64 by default in HEAD) he 
just masks the PICs.  However, he doesn't setup handlers for the spurious 
interrupts that can still occur (since they are unmaskable).  Couple that 
with the fact that HEAD (until a few hours ago) didn't print the trap message 
for a T_RESERVED trap, and you'll see that your panic on amd64 was caused by 
a spurious ICU interrupt.  I have part of peter's hack expanded to do a full 
reset of the ICUs, and I'll update it for Monday to adjust the base interrupt 
such that the spurious ICU vectors get sent to the APIC spurious interrupt 
vector.  That should fix your issue as well as the same issue reported by 
someone else on the amd64@ list recently.

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