Sun U20 supported, fully/partially working... or not at all?

Daniel Rock freebsd at
Thu Nov 17 09:49:45 PST 2005

Julien Gabel schrieb:
> Certainly, even if the FreeBSD report's feedback is not very optimist
> on this particular mainboard (mainly because some of the main components
> are not _yet_ tested, as PCI-E or onboard Gig-E).

Onboard Ethernet should work. It is just plain NForce4 Ethernet. I haven't 
tested it on this mobo, but on a Tyan S2895. On this machine nve does work - 
as long I don't have memory beneath 4GB. I have to clip the kernel to a 
maximum of 4GB (via MAXMEM config variable), otherwise nve doesn't work at 
all. With this workaround I can usually transfer some 100 GBytes before nve 
problems come up again.

> Not having a serial port may be a problem.  Is it possible to use the
> USB port to act a serial for console access?

I don't think so. But I don't know if and how Sun customized the standard 
S2865 BIOS.

> Since we certainly will use an other ethernet card on bus PCI, the last
> point is annoying but not for the moment (we doesn't use Gig-E yet, just
> 100Mbps (as with nve(4), it seems)).

nve is unstable not only with GigE, but (at least for me) also with only 100Mb


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