Sun U20 supported, fully/partially working... or not at all?

Julien Gabel jpeg at
Wed Nov 16 09:48:03 PST 2005

>> I am currently looking for feedback on using a Sun Ultra 20 Workstation.
>> [...]
>> Any chance to get it working using FreeBSD?  Many thanks in advance for
>> reply(ies) and feedback(s).

> It seems to run Linux, so I'd _guess_ that most things would work. Not
> sure if Xorg supports PCI-express yet.

This is what i would gess too at first, but since some additional "Driver
and Diagnostics updates" are also provided[1], i am not sure anymore this
kink of hardware (especially the motherboard and the SATA controller) may
be supported "out of the box", based on the assumption of generic hardware
or similar Linux support.  On the other side, Windows is also supported
and if i can imagine Sun to provide some binary driver(s) for Linux, i
don't think it may be the case for Windows.  So, i don't really know what
to think... and ask the list ;)

I think that PCI-Express is -- at least partially -- supported by Xorg
via the 'Option "BusType" "PCIE"' configuration entry.  The problem is
more to know if a driver is provided by Xorg or in the binary updates
on the downloadable ISO from Sun: i am pretty sure this one is a problem
(i can't see any reference for the proposed cards on the release notes
for Xorg 8.6.2...).

> But I bet you can have a no-name amd64 PC built to your specs for less.

Since this one is provided at work, it isn't an issue.


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