firebirdsql-server on FreeBSD-6.0R/amd64

Jimmy Lim jimmyblim at
Tue Nov 15 19:44:38 PST 2005


I've installed firebirdsql-server(32-bit) on my DL145 opteron, I've ldconfig
-32 the libs and I can use the firebird-clients, but when I tried to enable
the server, and try to connect to it, it gives me these errors:

Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902

operating system directive semctl failed
-Bad address

I tried to remove the active semaphors on it and I learned that fb_lock_mgr
is not running.

Any work around to use firebirdsql on FreeBSD-6.0/amd64?


Jimmy B. Lim
j i m m y b l i m @ g m a i l . c o m

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