Question about x64 and running x86 programs

Kris Moore piett134 at
Thu Nov 10 18:18:08 PST 2005

Hi there!

I'm currently working on a port of PC-BSD for AMD64 systems. Everything
looks and works great, but i've run into a snag with running x86
binaries on the platform. All the kernel options for compat are enabled,
and some simple "C" programs will run, but if I try to run a bigger
program, with QT for X, then I get errors like this:

/libexec/ /usr/X11R6//lib/ unsupported file layout

I figure this is because the libraries are compiled for x64, and the
binary is x86. No big deal. I then have attempted overriding the library
path by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to some alternate directory with the x86
libraries in it. This does not work also, matter afact, it completely
ignores the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable like it doesnt exist. I've messed
with the ldconfig program also, but can't quite seem to figure this one

Is there another LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable that 32 bit binaries look for?
Or is it even possible to do what i'm attempting here?


Kristofer Moore

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