Tyan GT24 - Thunder K8SRE mainboard

Ken Gunderson kgunders at teamcool.net
Mon Nov 7 12:53:52 PST 2005

On Mon, 7 Nov 2005 13:45:43 -0700
Ken Gunderson <kgunders at teamcool.net> wrote:

> Greets All:
> Anybody have any experience with one of these (SCSI version):
> <http://www.tyan.com/products/html/gt24b2891_spec.html>
> Apparently it's positioned to replace the 2881.  Uses the Thunder K8SRE
> mainboard:
> <http://www.tyan.com/products/html/thunderk8sre_spec.html>
> Yeah, I know it uses an nViidia chipset.  Whis it didn't but try
> convincing Tyan...
> TIA--

Of course subsequent to posting this I get a bunch of incoming from
freebsd-amd64.  Looks like this puppy has some problems.  Any issues
other than the memory?

Best regards,

Ken Gunderson

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