Mainboard for amd64 (and some other questions)

Felix 'buebo' Kakrow buebo at
Thu Nov 3 15:47:33 PST 2005

Claus Guttesen schrieb:
> Minor addition to previous mail. This mobo does not have a
> chip-set-fan, it is equipped with a super cooling pipe, so make shure
> you get the A8N-SLI Premium.

The Premium is a little pricy for my taste, but I think I'll try the 
A8N-E, which has a noisy fan out of the box, but you get a free 
replacement from Asus that is supposed to be very silent.

Everything else seems to be supported and without any problems, and 
since I don't need or want SLI I'll spend the extra bucks on something 
else (Girls and Booze most likely ;-)).

Thanks so far I'll come back to you all and report when I got a working 
amd64 machine!


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