Mainboard for amd64 (and some other questions)

Felix 'buebo' Kakrow buebo at
Thu Nov 3 09:40:51 PST 2005

I'm looking for a Mainboard for an amd64 desktop machine. I know the  
list of supported mainboards on and I'f tried to find a  
something with google, but the combination of PCI-Express and fully  
(or even mostly) supported seems to be very hard to find.

Iam looking for board with a fast chipset (something like the  
nForce4), SATA, gigabit ethernet and sound on-board supported in  

SATA-Raid is not need, allthough it would certanly nice to have it. I  
have some spare Soundcards and NICs so it would be ok Sound or  
Ethernet just don't work at the moment as long as there's the  
perspective that they will in the not to distant future and not only  
in current.

Can anybody recommend a mainboard?

I'm planning on dual booting i386 and amd64 for the time beeing and  
switch over fully to amd64 when everything I need is working (OO.o  
for example).

At the moment I'm in favour of an Athlon X2, is this machine  
supported with both cores in i386 (with a SMP-Kernel of course)?

Aside from this I hear that there's some efford to port the nvidia  
binary driver to amd64, so a nvidia graphics card seems to be a good  
choice here (game performance under windows is not totally  
unimportand to me ;-)). I do like the GigaByte GV-NX66128DP because  
it's fanless, reasonally priced and has a realistic performance, but  
I'm not sure about it because I have no idea if I'll ever get some 3D- 
Support under amd64.

Since FBSD is my main system for getting stuff done (I'm also toying  
around with Linux from time to time) at the moment I don't want to  
buy unsupported hardware, but on the other hand my last mainboard  
died and I can't wait to long with getting something new, so there's  
a timefactor...

Thanks in advance.

Guns don't kill people. Rappers do.

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