AMD64 Faster?

Francisco Reyes lists at
Tue May 31 07:44:34 PDT 2005

On Tue, 31 May 2005, Vivek Khera wrote:

> I'll confirm this with PostgreSQL.  I have a 1-year old Dell 2650 with a 
> 14-disk RAID array that cannot keep up with replication coming from a dual 
> opteron with a 6 disk RAID array.

What are you using for replication?

Compared to i386 how much memory is PostgreSQL and other apps using?
On another thread I asked about memory usage was told that apps in AMD64 
mode seemed to be taking twice as much memory. I would be very interesting 
in reading about PostgreSQL memory usage in FreeBSD AMD64.

> For normal regular server usage, though, I don't see a need for opteron.

I wonder other data intensive apps (ie image/audio editing) how they would 
do in Fbsd-AMD64. Also I wonder if it's an advantage only when large 
amounts of data are moving or lots of data in general. For example a busy 
news server or email server.

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