AMD64 Faster?

Michael VInce mv at
Tue May 31 05:15:15 PDT 2005

Mathew Schofield wrote:

>Is the AMD64 Version of FreeBSD Significantly faster then the i386
>version? I am using Windows XP 64 Bit atm and it is *incredibly*
>faster then the 32 bit version. I am just curious to if FreeBSD's
>AMD64 Version is snappy and ... any good?
I think your '*incredibly*' is a bit over the top in description of 
Hardware benchmarking web sites like have done 
extensive benchmarking on MS windows have have reported mixed results, 
some things have been faster some have been slower, over all it is faster.

Here is a good example 64bit version of the game Far Cry in WinXP64 , 
its not server benchmark but none the less
on Intel EMT64 this game was 8 frames per sec faster.
on the AMD64 it was 6 fps faster

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