AMD64 Faster?

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Mon May 30 17:56:03 PDT 2005

Depends on what you are doing.  I have tested i386 running on a single Xeon
2.4ghz against a dual AMD 246 opteron running FreeBSD AMD64.  In some cases, the
AMD is faster, in other cases the Xeon is faster.

>From what I have seen, the AMD's strong point is running MySQL select very fast
as compared to the Xeon.  In my case, it may relate to some other variable, or
it may be MySQL using the two physical CPU's better then the Intel's two logical.

For the most part, (at least with the two machines I used above), they were
pretty evenly matched.  When I first started testing the AMD machine with
FreeBSD AMD64, I was expecting some huge difference - but so far I haven't
really seen it.


At 08:38 AM 5/31/2005 +1000, Mathew Schofield wrote:
| Is the AMD64 Version of FreeBSD Significantly faster then the i386
| version? I am using Windows XP 64 Bit atm and it is *incredibly*
| faster then the 32 bit version. I am just curious to if FreeBSD's
| AMD64 Version is snappy and ... any good?
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