Re. make cores on 5.4-RELEASE amd64 but not on i386, need a maintainer.

Julian Stacey jhs at
Mon May 30 12:26:16 PDT 2005

FYI amd64 people:
   5.4-RELEASE & 5.0-stable make on amd64 have a bug which results in: 
   "Segmentation fault" (on my particular own Makefile, not on /usr/src).
   Upgrading make to current fixes it.  Detail on current@ thread
      Message-id: <200505301502.j4UF28Ls027504 at fire.jhs.private>
Follow up:
   If any, to current@ rather than amd64@ here please, (for all I know
   it may not even be amd64 specific, I just know it doesnt manifest on i386).
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