Dual Xeon EM64T crashes reliably w/ 5.x amd64

Peter Wemm peter at wemm.org
Sat May 28 10:19:18 PDT 2005

On Thursday 26 May 2005 12:10 am, Claus Guttesen wrote:

> I saw the dmesg and noticed this at the bottom:
> Interrupt storm detected on "irq18: uhci2"; throttling interrupt
> source Interrupt storm detected on "irq16: uhci0"; throttling
> interrupt source
> This indicates USB, if so try adding usbd_enable="NO" to
> /etc/rc.conf.

Yes, this is a known bug in the Intel PCI-Express chipsets.  They 
botched the APIC interrupt masking and it causes interrupt storms to 
appear on the USB interrupts.

The upshot is that you'll have to completely and utterly disable any usb 
on the system.  I'm not sure if this is the cause of this poster's 
problem though.  It certainly will not be helping though.

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