Dual Xeon EM64T crashes reliably w/ 5.x amd64

Palle Girgensohn girgen at pingpong.net
Wed May 25 17:44:28 PDT 2005

2005-05-26 kl. 02.28 skrev Astrodog:

> Considering the HTT security announcement, I'm not sure HTT should be
> enabled on any production boxes.

HTT is off (byt setting in BIOS). It helped for a couple of days, but 
now it crashes with "simple" dual SMP as well. Turning SMP off in 
kernel config makes the machine stable, so this is an SMP problem, 

Can anyone conclude if this is a harware problem? There must be tons of 
Dell 2850's out there, aren't any running FreeBSD 5.4/amd64? Are they 


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