Dual Xeon EM64T crashes reliably w/ 5.x amd64

Palle Girgensohn girgen at pingpong.net
Wed May 25 16:53:48 PDT 2005

2005-05-26 kl. 00.09 skrev Claus Guttesen:

>> with identical hardware. His machine is not as loaded, so in his case
>> moving from four CPUs (two "real" + HTT) to two real (shutting down
>> HTT) was enough to stop the crashes. For me, I must run UP.
> What compile-options do you have in /etc/make.conf? Doing php I guess
> it's a web-server, what other apps are running on the server? Is the
> server located in a location with adequate cooling?

cooling, yes. You can see my previous posts for more info, but in 
short, we run php apache-1.3, postgresql-8.0.3, perl-5.8.6 (amavisd), 
postfix, named, clamd. httpd is very busy.

CFLAGS= -O -pipe

Kernel is generic except some small details, see

> May not apply any longer, but during the 5.1-days Scott Long advised
> me to add the following lines to /boot/loader.conf:
> echo vm.kmem_size="450000000" >> /boot/loader.conf

# sysctl vm.kmem_size
vm.kmem_size: 419430400

> echo kern.maxvnodes="200000" >> /boot/loader.conf

# sysctl kern.maxvnodes
kern.maxvnodes: 100000

Both are lower, but I don't believe this would crash a 5.4 system? Much 
has happened since 5.1.

> That prevented my webservers from rebooting without any apparent
> reason. Too many temp-files was the cause. Try purging temp-files more
> often if the above lines do help.

I don't have many temp files, doubt it is the problem. It can be an 
out-of-memory situation, possibly... I realize now it is swapping, 25% 
of swap used. Must get more memory, I guess... can the machine crash 
that hard when out of memory???

Problem is, I hardly dare to try anything right now. I'm running 
single-CPU, it works fine. If it starts crashing again soon, I'll start 
loosing customers.

Would abandoning amd64 and installing a i386 system help? Probably yes? 
I'd rather not, that's a substantial amount time to reinstall 
everything... :(


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