Opteron problens with 16GB memory

Martin Nilsson martin at gneto.com
Sat May 21 11:58:34 PDT 2005

Kris Kennaway wrote:
> On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 02:25:10PM +0200, Martin Nilsson wrote:
>>Are there any known problems with Opterons and more than 12GB memory?
>>I'm running 5.4-STABLE on a Tyan K8WE, the box is stable with 12GB
>>but I get internal compiler errors when building world with 16GB.
> Check that the last set of memory is not bad, i.e. swap out a
> different 4GB.

The box works as it should with 16GB if I disable node interleave in 
BIOS. The machine was also unstable with RedHat EL WS 3.0r4 (which is 
supported according to Tyan) so this is probably a problem with the
BIOS not being 100% compatible with the memory sticks. Having 4+2 sticks 
installed disabled memory interleaving so that is why I thought the 
problem was associated with memory size.

This Tyan nForce Pro board does not feel mature at present so don't buy 
it unless you like to fiddle with settings and numerous BIOS upgrades.
Some BIOS versions will for example NOT boot from a PCI express RAID 
card! There is a fan site with more info and help at www.k8we.com.

Personally I'm waiting for the Supermicro OEM boards until I try this 
chipset again!


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