AMD64 NUMA-awareness?

Jung-uk Kim jkim at
Thu May 19 11:31:16 PDT 2005

ULE scheduler paper

'SMT introduces a concept of non-uniform processors into ULE which 
could be extended to support NUMA. The concept of expressing the 
penalty for migration through the use of separate queues could be 
further developed to include a local and global load-balancing 
policy. At the time of this writing, however, FreeBSD does not 
support any true NUMA capable machines and so this is left until such 
time that it does.'

I am not sure about the meaning of 'true NUMA capable machines' but 
AMD64 is ccNUMA unless I am completely mistaken, and FreeBSD/amd64 is 
well-supported.  Even multicore processors are available now and 
Intel is going to release dual-core processors with HTT to make 
matters worse.

Is there anybody working on this?


Jung-uk Kim

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