K8T890 where everything works?

Mike Harding mvh at welkyn.com
Thu May 19 06:39:01 PDT 2005

> You forgot the Asus A8V-E Deluxe (there's a gaggle of A8V varieties, so be 
> careful; the A8V, A8V Deluxe and A8V K8T800P Deluxe are all plain PCI 
> boards). There's PCI-E x16 and two x1 slots (so what are you going to put 
> _in_ those slots? or is it just for gaming so the x1 slots are useless?).

I skipped the Asus because of the chipset fan - I had a previous ASUS
board where the fan kept burning out after being very noisy.  It's a
shame, really, because this chipset does not appear to need a fan.  This
is also the main reason for skipping the nforce4 - I want a quiet system
(as well as various people complaining about poor documentation/support
from nvidia).


> Anyway, whichever you get, do add it to the list of supported motherboards at 
> http://www.freebsd.org/platforms/amd64/motherboards.html

Thanks for the feedback, will do.  I had not previously found this link!

Mike Harding <mvh at welkyn.com>

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