freebsd-amd64 Digest, Vol 102, Issue 3

rpb at rpb at
Wed May 18 10:41:03 PDT 2005

If the machine reboots endlessly after the menu, try booting it with the 
old loader: /boot/loader.old

I've had this problem when I upgraded by source from 5.3/amd64 to 5.4. 
Dual Xeon "Nocona" on Tyan MB.


Simeon Nifos wrote:
> Dear people,
> Is there something wrong with 5.4 Release for AMD 64?
> It doesn't boot after the menu with beastie! Neither
> default choice 1 nor boot with ACPI disabled boots!
> This is the case with both an AMD-Opteron Quad on a
> TYAN S4882 and an Athlon Mobile 64.
> What can I do!

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