WINE and cross-platform GCC4.x on amd64

Michael Hopkins michael.hopkins at
Thu May 12 11:10:27 PDT 2005

Hi all

Couple of questions:

1) Has there been any progress on getting the WINE port working on amd64?
This would be a huge help for me in testing the Win32 executables that I'm
building with the marvellous mingw32.  I believe it is already working on
some Linux x86_64 platforms like Fedora core 3, so I'm guessing it should be

If not, is there any other way of running win32 command line executables on
FreeBSD 5.3 amd64?  Doesn't have to be fast so emulation would be fine.  I
have tried installing Linux WINE RPMs but with no success (see my earlier
posts for details).

2) The GCC 4.1 port is doing great things for my C++ code.  Is there any
advice here for me if I want to build and/or install GCC4.0 or 4.1:

i) for producing Linux executables within /compat/linux/ where I currently
have a GCC3.3.2 toolset working well (from an external RH8 RPM install).

ii) for producing Win32 executables.  I currently have the mingw32 GCC3.4.2
toolset installed from ports in /usr/local/mingw32/




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