FreeBSD AMD64 Ubench 0.3 results

Toll, Eric etoll at
Wed May 11 09:44:34 PDT 2005

I realize this is a bit off topic, but I am trying to see if I have the AMD64
5.4 Kernel and my Hardware setup properly. The first time I ran it, my system
crashed hard.  After I adjusted a few BIOS entries I got the results below
reliably time after time. FWIW Ubench seems to be a good torture test for a new
box setup.
I have Dual Opteron 242's, and 1 Gb of Kingston ECC Registered DDR400 Ram
(non-interleaved mode) Would anyone be kind enough to post their scores and
basic hardware config?  The scores on the Ubench site seem a bit stale.

I used the ubench in /usr/ports with no special compile flags e.g. 'make
I think the low RAM score is due to the fact I have only 1Gb.

My scores were/are:
Ubench CPU:   178450
Ubench MEM:   156069
Ubench AVG:   167259



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