Hello 64 World - My proposed 3Ware system

Toll, Eric etoll at vipstructures.com
Mon May 9 10:17:22 PDT 2005


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> Thus spake Toll, Eric (etoll at vipstructures.com) [05/05/05 12:58]:
> : To me X Windows is sooo sexy.  I *love* the GL 
> screensaveers, I also like to
> : watch my logs in realtime. (e.g.  tail -F /var/log/maillog  
> ...)I'll be running
> : 1280x1024x32 color with the Nvidia accelerated driver via a 
> 19' NEC CRT.  Even
> : now the OpenGL screen savers only use 3%-10% of my CPU. 
> Have you ever seen
> : "Endgame" run at 45fps? In best GL mode.  I love X11 (or is 
> it X.org now)  DNS &
> : WWW logs I like watch on screen realtime.  So to me having 
> a server motherboard
> : with an AGP port is very important.
> : 
> : Will I be able to do this [the above] with AMD-64 FreeBSD?
> Nope.  The nVidia accelerated driver doesn't support AMD64 
> yet.  There's been murmurings of a driver in development, but 
> I've not heard from them yet (three e-mails to their support 
> team and counting).  You can check the archives of this list 
> for details.
> That being said, the nv driver still works great, even though 
> it doesn't have hardware 3D support.  It's not much for 
> games, but it can still to
> 1600x1200x32 without much trouble.

Well I got all of the harware put together now.  It's nice, It's super quiet
with plenty of air flow.  
I disabled the Sil SATA controllers on the MB...

I installed my memory in 128Bit mode using banks 2 and 3, I'm not sure what the
difference is really, just that 128Bit mode sounded better than 64 Mode.  Anyone
have a benchmark that I can compare to?  Ubench?

I am now downloading the AMD-64 FreeBSD 5.4 discone-iso, although it's not
linked to from the Download FreeBSD links.

Is there *any* video card chipset that will run in hardware (X11) accelerated
mode on FreeBSD-AMD 64?


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