Hello 64 World - My proposed 3Ware system

Peter Korsten peterk at maltanet.net
Thu May 5 14:27:13 PDT 2005

Ken Gunderson wrote:

>>Admittedly, I tried to keep that a budget system (I kid ye not). But how 
>>about waiting a bit and getting a dual core AMD chip?
> Loverly, but have you priced those puppies??  I suspect we're gonna
> have to wait for more than a bit for them to get down to w/in reason
> for all but the high end guys...

No, haven't checked them yet. This computer is still so new, it smells 
like it just came out of the box. My wife would kill me if I would 
mention upgrading. :)

And it does 120 fps in Counter-Strike: Source at 1024x768 and everything 
maxed out... it's fast enough for now.

- Peter

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