Hello 64 World - My proposed 3Ware system

Toll, Eric etoll at vipstructures.com
Thu May 5 06:52:38 PDT 2005

I am going to build a new server! (I'm excited) below is my shopping list, this
all started with a desire to have a Raid FreeBSD system.  RAID led me to 3Ware,
current offerings from 3Ware were of *only* the 64 Bit PCI flavor, my current MB
didn't have it [Cheep SIS with (1) Athlon XP2400+ with WD PATA IDE 40GB]  So I
looked for mainboards that had a 66Mhz 64bit PCI slot, from 3Ware's hardware
compatibility list.  Found a good one I hope with the Gigabyte board. So now I'm
thinking instead of FreeBSD 5.3 or 5.4 to go with the FreeBSD-AMD64 version.

Comments welcome, anyone see any issues?

Anyone else have a Gigabyte board with (GA-7A8DW  AMD 8111/8131) 
Chipset running AMD-64?

Also my video card will be a Geforce 4 Ti 4200 4x AGP, I like to run X so
I can see high res real time logs...

 8006-2LP KIT     ESCALADE 8006-2LP                1       141.47      141.47
 WD2500SD         WD CAVIAR 250GB RAID ED.SATA-3   2       149.98      299.96
 GA-7A8DW         SERVER BOARDAMD 81118131+81      1       340.86      340.86
 TITAN 550        ANTEC TITAN SERIES 550 CASE      1       209.87      209.87
 OSA242AUBOX      OPTERON DP SERVER 242 PIB-R      2       217.77      435.54
 KRX3200AK2/1G    1GB KIT(2X512)DDR400 REG HY      1       415.80      415.80

Not bad for around $2,000.00 USD Eh?


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