NForce3 woes (was: freebsd in compaq presario 900)

Neil Short neshort at
Thu Jan 27 22:57:12 PST 2005

--- Astrodog <astrodog at> wrote:

> If its of interest to anyone, in the phone calls
> I've had with
> Compaq/HP trying to get documentation on some of
> this, they're aware
> of the issue and have been trying to get it
> resolved. Aparently nvidia
> ignored a few standards while doing the NF3 150
> stuff for mobiles,
> thus causing the issues. I was also told it does
> extend to any
> notebook that uses an NForce3 based motherboard,
> that HP/Compaq
> manufactures. Maybe we should treat this as a
> FreeBSD-mobile issue,
> rather than an -AMD64 one?
> ---- Harrison Grundy

Actually, when the keyboard detection problem was the
hottest thing bugging us stuff was being posted to
both lists; but Jung-uk Kim was the first guy (and
continues to be the guy) to write patches for that
chipset and he suggested we keep all the discussion in
the amd64 list. As far as I was concerned, I was going
to make sure the road to a solution was made minimally
bumpy and I figured Kim was the guy to call that shot.

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