5.3 AMD64 on Tyan S2882 Thunder K86

Alan Jay alan_jay_uk at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 27 14:31:32 PST 2005

I am trying to install FreeBSD 5.3 AMD64 on twin Operton with 8Gb RAM using
Tyan S2882 Thunder K86 motherboard and LSI MegaRAID SCSI controller.


Almost every time I try to install at some point in the process I get some
kind of panic usually:


Panic: ufs_dirbad: bad dir


But also had


Panic ufs_dstrib


Panic vm_fault:fault on no fault entry


Looking around there seemed to be some discussion about the use of  use of
various BIOS settings away from the defaults such as the MTTR (change from
Continuous to Discrete) and altering the memory config to AUTO.

And finally I wonder if for a server the ACPI settings for power saving need
to be altered or switched off.


Or does 5.3 just not like all this memory :-(


I did once manage to complete the install but then had other problems and had
to start again so there doesn't seem to be any consistency.  It seems to fall
over at various points in the process from early on to way into the ports


Trying to work out if is a memory problem / BIOS issue or something to do with
the configuration of the LSI MegaRAID controller.


Any ideas tips or thoughts would be very gratefully received.



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