Compaq R3000 Cardbus fix (and rant)

Neil Short neshort at
Wed Jan 26 21:34:46 PST 2005
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> Geez, you're cranking out all sorts of stuff I've
> been looking for.
> Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
> --- Harrison Grundy
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That's true. Maybe we should pay him.
I wish I didn't buy one of these computers. It seemed
like such a solid machine at the time - and AMD has
been so helpful with the open-source operating systems
in the recent past.

I'm just not very good at the kernel hacking so I have
to depend on people like Jung-uk Kim to hack them out
- and for the patches to go live.

I finally put Linux on that computer (boy was that a
hard pill for me to swallow. I used Gentoo). I have
been watching this list and it is usually Kim who
finds solutions to all these problems. Soon as it is
stable enought for me to try again I will.

If history always begins this morning, the world holds
exciting surprises around every corner (241).
--Ann Coulter. Treason.

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