Linux i386, NVidia on FreeBSD/amd64?

Mikhail Teterin mi at
Thu Jan 20 21:08:54 PST 2005

> > 	2) NVidia X11 driver -- this is not a must, but would be very
> > 	nice to have -- I have a fairly high-end dual-DVI card, that
> > 	works fine on my dual PentiumII. Any hope of getting NVidia to
> > 	release amd64-version?
> Nope.
Actually, I'm quite hopeful now :-) NVidia does offer AMD64-drivers for
Linux already... If enough people ask (and I just did), the support for
FreeBSD/amd64 just might appear.

> > 	3) SMP -- a dual-Opteron machine seems within my budget. Does
> > 	that change the answers to any of the above questions?
> Works even better.

Any particular motherboards, chipsets to recommend? How about:



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