FreeBSD-STABLE/amd64 DWL-650 ath & ath_hal compile error

Nick Lozinsky ccnp.bsd at
Thu Jan 20 00:46:59 PST 2005


I have included:

 device ath
 device ath_hal

to my kernel, and when attempting to `make', it fails with:

linking kernel
ah_osdep.o(.text+0x157): In function `ath_hal_modevent':
: undefined reference to `ath_hal_version'
ah_osdep.o(.data+0x1b8): undefined reference to `ath_hal_version'
*** Error code 1

I've googled for over a week, with no solution. According to `man ath'
and `man ath_hal', this is the proper procedure to create the `ath'
device. My reason for doing this, is to get the Dlink DWL-650 RevP
PCCard to function on my Gateway 7405GX AMD64; It also has a built in
Broadcom 802.11g WiFi NIC, and I have attempted to use the NDIS
wrapper, but without any luck, meaning, erroring out at loading the
proper modules (i.e. `if_ndis.ko', etc.)

Please advice on the next step.

Nick Lozinsky

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