How can I find lost CPU1 in Sun V20Z ?

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at
Mon Jan 17 09:26:27 PST 2005

Kim Sungbark wrote:
> I compiled with SMP option with "make kernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL" in
> /usr/src $(TOP) derective of source tree but the kernel comes panic with
> "CPU1 Launched !" message. Whenever I put in SMP option with MYKERNEL,
> the kernel comes panic. Is there any successful story with SMP option in
> V20Z ?
> I am suspicious that why even GENERIC KERNEL can't find CPU1?
> MyKernel configuration file SMP option for AMD64
> # Workarounds for some known-to-be-broken chipsets (nVidia
> nForce3-Pro150)
> device		atpic		# 8259A compatability
> options 	NO_MIXED_MODE	# Don't penalize working chipsets

 The SUN V20z  Uses the  AMD8000 series chipset.  To be exact,
it uses  the  AMD8131 HyperTransport to PCI bridge and the
AMD8111 to communicate with keyboard, USB, CD/DVD and Mouse.

This is the same general chipset as the Tyan boards.
Maybe the above options for nforce3 are wrong in this context.


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