asr on amd64

Eirik Øverby ltning at
Mon Jan 10 15:34:34 PST 2005

[Trying again, first attempt didn't come through, it seems. Otherwise 
excuse the dup.]


Daring as I am, here's another attempt at having someone look into the
asr driver and why it doesn't work on amd64.
I have such a Zero-Channel RAID card laying around collecting dust,
whereas it was planned installed in a server here long time ago.

I know Scott Long looked into it long ago, and he seems to have been the
last one to touch the driver. He indicated a few months ago that he had
little time; perhaps things look brighter now that 5.3 is out?

I'll cross-post to -current/-stable in a few days if I don't hear anything..


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