No APM yet for AMD?

Francisco Reyes lists at
Wed Dec 28 07:41:52 PST 2005

Freddie Cash writes:

>> That's ACPI... notice I typed "APCI". That was not a typo.

It was a typo. :-(
I should have said... not ACPI.. 
> I think you mean APIC


> (Advance Programmable Interrupt Controller), not
> APCI.  There are options for APIC and ACPI, but I've never seen APCI
> anywhere in FreeBSD.

No wonder I could not find it in any computer dictionary. :-)

Back to the original question... How do I do power management on AMD64?
Even if it is just a function to see the battery status so I don't end up 
loosing power in the middle of some work. 

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