No APM yet for AMD?

Francisco Reyes lists at
Mon Dec 26 09:22:34 PST 2005

Claus Guttesen writes:

> APM has been replaced by ACPI.

Searching the archives found another laptop users with simmilar problems. He 
disabled APCI and his si0 ports. That worked for me.

What is APCI?
Nothing for it on wikipedia. The only thing I found which sounds like may  
be the meaning was "Application-Layer Protocol Control Information".

About to leave where I am now...printing the handbook section on ACPI. :-)

How do I find out the status of my battery with ACPI?
Man acpiconf shows an "-i battery" option.. but that doesn't seem to show 
that info... unless "Last full capacity" is the current battery charge.. 

Any other command besides acpiconf that is related to power management which 
works on the AMD64 version of FreeBSD?

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