biostar GeForce 6100-M9 motherboard

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Sat Dec 24 01:12:33 PST 2005

On Sat, 24 Dec 2005, Vikash wrote:
> I have a biostar GeForce 6100-M9 motherboard with an AMD Athlon 64 Processor 
> 3500+ cpu 
> (

That's an nForce 410 + GeForce 6100; similar to the Asus A8N-VM. The 
nForce4 flavors are problematic at best.

> i have managed to install 6.0-RELEASE and upgraded to 6.0-STABLE:

Well, that's a lot more than I manage with the A8N-VM (but that has a 
totally broken BIOS on top of a weird chipset).

> the on board lan is not detected and the ata controller is marked as generic
> the verbose dmesg is bellow:
> please advise as to how i can help to get the ata working at better than 
> umda33

> rlphy0: <RealTek internal media interface> on miibus0
> rlphy0:  10baseT, 10baseT-FDX, 100baseTX, 100baseTX-FDX, auto
> rl0: bpf attached
> rl0: Ethernet address: 00:08:a1:48:50:1b
> rl0: [MPSAFE]

It's peculiar that that doesn't work; it looks detected to _me_. 
Otherwise, check the archives of this list for references to nve(4).

> ata0-slave: pio=PIO4 wdma=WDMA2 udma=UDMA133 cable=80 wire
> ata0-master: pio=PIO4 wdma=WDMA2 udma=UDMA100 cable=80 wire
> ad0: 76319MB <Seagate ST380011A 8.01> at ata0-master UDMA33
> ad0: 156301488 sectors [155061C/16H/63S] 16 sectors/interrupt 1 depth queue

Again, problem with newish chipsets. I can't recall any report of SATA 
working really well w/ nForce4 chipsets on this list.


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