device drm with PCIe

Sean Welch seanmwelch at
Fri Dec 16 12:30:08 PST 2005

So I take it I'm not going to be able to get my brand new Ferrari
4005WLMi to do DRI just yet?  (With the exceptions of resume from
suspend and a nasty freezing bug when dynamic frequency scaling is
enabled this is a SWEET machine for i386 FreeBSD -- haven't tried
64bit yet)

Yes, I've finally moved on from my I8k to something a bit newer,
faster, thinner, lighter, etc...

Is there anything I could help test out in this area?


>> It also seems to me like we ought to be able to use the internal GART on
>> real amd64s to avoid the card's PCIGART-ish method for PCIE radeons,
>> right?
> Apparently there is a bit of magic with true AMD athlon64 and Opteron
> systems regarding the different ways that GART functionality is exposed.
> Probably the best bet is to get with David O'brien and figure out those
> details.  For Intel systems, it depends on whether the AGP GART has a
> link to the PCIe root complex.  I can't imagine it not having this, but
> again it's something to check the docs for.
> Scott

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