[patch] mixed i386/amd64 ports semi-broken

Ruslan Ermilov ru at FreeBSD.org
Wed Dec 14 10:11:53 PST 2005

Hi there,

I hit this problem attempting to install print/acroread7 on amd64.
It depends on emulators/linux_base-8, which rewrites ${ARCH} from
"amd64" to "i386".  Unfortunately, when linux_base-8 is processed
in a submake, e.g., when I run "make fetch-recursive" in
print/acroread7, no rewrite of ${ARCH} actually happens because
bsd.port.mk mistakenly thinks that ${ARCH} can never change, so
it's getting passed ARCH already set to "amd64", and as a highest
priority command-line type make(1) variable.  This results in
${MD5_FILE} improperly set to distinfo.amd64 which doesn't exist.
Here's a fix:

Index: bsd.port.mk
RCS file: /home/ncvs/ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk,v
retrieving revision 1.518
diff -u -p -r1.518 bsd.port.mk
--- bsd.port.mk	8 Nov 2005 09:02:51 -0000	1.518
+++ bsd.port.mk	14 Dec 2005 17:54:40 -0000
@@ -5071,7 +5071,6 @@ __softMAKEFLAGS+=      '${softvar}+=${${
 # These won't change, so we can pass them through the environment
-	ARCH="${ARCH:S/"/"'"'"/g:S/\$/\$\$/g:S/\\/\\\\/g}" \
 	OPSYS="${OPSYS:S/"/"'"'"/g:S/\$/\$\$/g:S/\\/\\\\/g}" \
 	OSREL="${OSREL:S/"/"'"'"/g:S/\$/\$\$/g:S/\\/\\\\/g}" \
 	OSVERSION="${OSVERSION:S/"/"'"'"/g:S/\$/\$\$/g:S/\\/\\\\/g}" \

Ruslan Ermilov
ru at FreeBSD.org
FreeBSD committer
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