MotherBoard Chipset Woes

Dev Tugnait dev at
Mon Dec 12 10:01:14 PST 2005

I am still deciding on what mobo to get for my Athlon X2. I have seen
the supported motherboards list, my question being I was looking into
the DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D ATX AMD Motherboard. The problem is

Onboard LAN 
LAN Chipset Vitesse VSC8201 
Second LAN Chipset Marvell 88E8001

I see neither in the supported hardware list. So is this supported?
Problem is most newer boards use Marvell, if its not supported is it
perhaps in current or will be in future releases?

I have also seen an ATI Express 200 Chipset Mobo but I have heard stay
away from ati due to unsupported hardware. Either via or nf4 chipset. If
I go nf4 the DFI board seems cheap and in my budget. Any experience with
these boards?


Dev Tugnait <dev at>

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