is my hardware supporteded?

arnuld arnuld.fraser at
Mon Dec 12 04:54:38 PST 2005


      I have problems configuring X-window system. I only want to know
whether my hardware is
      supported or not

I have FreeBSD 5.4 CDs for x86.
1.) here is my architecture:

                 i.)      AMD64 -> processor

                 ii.)     ASUS K8V-MX -> motherboard

                          chipset:          VIAK8M800
                                                VIA VT8237R

                 iii.)    LG 17'' Studioworks 775N -> monitor
                         HorizSyns = 30-70 kHz
                         Vertsync  = 50-160 Hz
                         Resolution Max. = 1280x1024 @ 60 Hz


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