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Artur Kozak bezpieczenstwo at
Sun Dec 11 18:42:03 PST 2005


8-12-2005 (19:05:03) David Reid wrote:

> I'm running -STABLE and at present I'm being lucky to get more than 6
> hours uptime! The problem (and reason for this email) is to ask if there
> is anything I can do to try and get more info on th crashes to help
> debug and correct them. When the system goes it just reboots, no panic
> or information written to any logs. It's been doing it for a while but
> the last few days have seen it happening more often.

> I'm running a GENERIC kernel with WITNESS enabled. I'm more than willing
> to try and help find/fix the problem, but the lack of information is
> stopping me from doing much!

Did you set 'dumpdir' and dumpdev in /etc/rc.conf ?

What NIC do you have ? I've got similiar problem on 5.4 stable because
one of the NIC was realtek. I replace it with intel and now it's

 Artur Kozak

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