FreeBSD/amd64: is Linux 32-bit or 64-bit?

JoaoBR joao at
Sun Dec 11 13:30:10 PST 2005

On Sunday 11 December 2005 18:34, you wrote:

> On this i386 platform, jdk15 works fine, I also installed/compiled
> ECLIPSE successfully and have a FireFox 1.0.X-plugin!

hehe, you say so ;)
the secret is not installing it, running it is the question

go here and crash your ilusion:

chose your install path, there appears c:/ but you can change it to whatever 
you want

so the install runs fine with konqueror and firefox , but then go to the 
installation dir and try to run index.html (probably you got an icon on your 

unless you installed the aplication dir directly in / the freebsd 
whatever-java-jdk-or-jsk creates strange directory trees beside the app dir

you install it in ~/BB
after first run of index,html it creates ~/usr/home/username/BB/......
and the second run it does not run anymore

when you install it in / it tries to update the first run and stops somewhere 
and gives some java applet errors

this only one example, almost all https java apps do not run under FreeBSD but 
run fine with the same java version and same kde-version under any 
redhat-distro so my guess this is a freebsd-java problem and not KDE but I 
may be wrong but for sure I believe freebsd java do not know sym-links and do 
not know the current dir either ... but this also is only a guess, I do not 
know anything about java besides that it bothers me :S


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