Anyone running R 6.0 on Shuttle SN25P

George Hartzell hartzell at
Sun Dec 11 13:13:40 PST 2005

Lars Tunkrans writes:
 > Hi;
 >    Does anyone  have experience of  FreeBSD 6.0 Running on 
 >    the Shuttle SN25P.
 >    I am  looking for a  ( silent)  platform for hosting  3  large disks 
 >    ( 3 *  300-500 GB  SATA RAID )   for  a  NFS server with Gigabit
 >   Ethernet.
 >    This box does  have PCI Express,  is that stable enough at this point ?
 > [...]

There was some discussion a while back about a related Shuttle, the

Here's a pointer to some comments by Matthew Dillon:

and you can search back around Nov 18 in the freebsd-current archives
for a thread discussion it w/ Shuttle XPC in the subject.


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